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Small Press/Author Program

LSC understands the difficulties facing small presses and independent authors in getting your material into the hands of Canadians. To this end, we have designed the Small Press Program, to provide distribution of small press materials to libraries across Canada. This program allows libraries to support their local small presses and authors, and to streamline their material selection process.

All tangible material categories are covered under this program — books, DVDs, music and CDs, etc. Please note, we cannot list eBooks or digital downloads. LSC will channel consolidated small press catalogues to libraries. All materials listed through this program are available with full processing, including MARC records.


There is no charge to the publisher to participate in this program. If you are a publisher, do not send sample copies to LSC. We will order copies when we have sales. LSC does not offer paid marketing services through this program. Authors and publishers are encouraged to get reviews and endorsements to assist in marketing. These are not available through LSC.


For more information or if you have additional questions, require an alternate format, or assistance in registering for this program, please email


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