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ONIX Guide

1.- This guide is for:
This guide is for publishers / vendors interested in supplying LSC with bibliographic data in electronic form using the ONIX format.

2.- What is ONIX?
The ONIX for Books Product Information Message is the international standard for representing and communicating book industry product information in electronic form.

3.- What is metadata?
Metadata or bibliographic data provides buyers information about your titles. Usually it is transmitted in a standard form such as ONIX or it is entered directly into our system by LSC's customer services department. We can also consider receiving bibliographic data in any other electronic form.

4.- LSC’s recommendations for metadata
We request that you supply the broadest range of metadata that you have available for your titles. See from the links below examples from three different LSC’s ONIX data suppliers. The data has been removed from those files to display the short TAGs only.


5.- Basic record
To ensure your titles are loaded into LSC’s database, the basic record must contain the following fields:
Description of Product:

ProductIdentifier (ie: ISBN)

Price and Availability:

Publication Date
Publisher & Imprint
Supplier Name
PriceAmount, CurrencyCode

6.- Descriptive metadata.
Please; include in the ONIX file as many as posible of the available data elements listed below, LSC's customers will appreciate that.

Main Description
Author Biographical Note
Product Form 
Title Type, Titletext, TitlePrefix,TitlewitoutPrefix
Contributor, ContributorRole
EditionTypeCode, EditionNumber,EditionStatement  
Language, LanguageRole, LanguageCode

Number of Pages 
Mesure, MesureTypeCode,Measurement,MeasureUnitCode 
RelatedProduct, RelationCode,ISBN,ProductForm
SuplyDetails,SuplierName, ReturnsCodeType,
ReturnsCode, AvailabilityCode,
ExpectedShipDate, PackQuantity
Price, PriceTypeCode, ClassOfTrade,
PriceAmount, CurrencyCode

7.- LSC also accepts these enriched metadata components
Cover Image
Table of Contents
First Chapter/Excerpts
Author Bios
Web Links
eBook Link

8.- Cover images
We prefer to receive the cover images in .GIF format no bigger than 50Kb in size and W135px, H180px in dimension. If your cover image is in different format, size and dimension our system will automatically transform the image according to our specifications to store and make it available for LSC’s customers. The name of the cover image file should be ISBN.EXTENSION where ISBN is the ISBN number and EXTENSION is the format (ex. .GIF, .JPG).

Ex. 9781443436885.gif

Cover image files can be FTP'd to the publisher's 'Covers'  folder after a delivery schedule has been stablished.

9.- What do I have to do to load my ONIX feeds into LSC's database?

To have your titles available for LSC's customers you should fill out and submit the form below, we will create an ONIX feed vendor account and will send you the specifications of how to upload your ONIX files to our servers.

10.-ONIX feed account request. 
Contact LSC's customer services to request an account.
11.- Initial file submission process.
When the ONIX feed account requested is created, all files submitted to LSC for the first time undergo a testing phase before they are accepted into production. Once files have been accepted into production, further testing will not be needed unless serious data issues come to light as a result of any change in the ONIX file supplied.

a) Send a sample file for testing that has been validated against the DTD for ONIX 3.0. Use ONIX_BookProduct_3.0_reference.dtd to validate files based on reference names or ONIX_BookProduct_3.0_short.dtd to validate files based on short tag names. Both DTD's files are available to download from the Editeur web site.
b) LSC will validate and check the file to see that the file is well-formed and meet LSC’s standards.
c) The file will be run in LSC’s test environment to ensure all data is loaded and displayed for our internal and on-line system correctly.
d) Future files may be FTP’d to the publisher 'xml' folder after a delivery schedule has been established. The ONIX feed data suppliers can put their files in our server biweekly or at any time there is a data update.

12.- Smooth and continuous operation
Please notify LSC in advance of any changes to your ONIX data feeds. This will allow LSC time to test the new format.

13.- References

14.- Thank you.
ONIX feeds help all of us move books at lower cost!